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Dedicated to enterprises and branch offices
QuesCom 400 - Original Edition fits easily into your telephony architecture and contributes to your business success.


Connected to your IP-PBX, it provides new services to reduce your phone bill and improve productivity. Fixed-to-Mobile convergence solution, the QuesCom 400 is a mobility appliance for SME's and Large Accounts.


Technical specifications

QuesCom 400


2 PRI or 4 PRI
(in pass-through on PBX with 1 or 2 PRI)
4 BRI or 8 BRI
(in pass-through on PBX with 2 or 4 BRI)



0, 4, 8, 12, ,16 or 20 GSM channels
Quad band GSM (850/900/1800/1900
MHz), Dual band CDMA (800/1900 MHz)
Tri band UMTS (850/1900/2100 MHz)
Recommended GSM coverage: minimum



Standard capacity: 16 VoIP
Maximum capacity: 32 VoIP
Protocols: H.323, SIP
• Voice codecs: G.711, G.723.1, G.729a
• Fax codex: T.38



Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
TCP/IP Protocol



Not just a way to save money

Convergence equipment for multi-network telephony systems, QuesCom 400 connects the enterprise’s different telecom networks, landline, mobile and VoIP.
By drastically reducing the phone bill, QuesCom 400 is paid off in a few months.
QuesCom equipment can be installed in a unique site or network connected. It is IP native and ready to support the enterprise’s modularity and centralized management.


ISDN, VoIP, GSM equipment

GSM capacity: QuesCom 400 allows from 0 to 16 simultaneous GSM channels. VoIP capacity: it allows a capacity from 16 to 32 VoIP channels in H.323 or SIP. ISDN cards: it includes an ISDN card, BRI or PRI. Connection to the PBX: it is connected either in pass-through on the ISDN links, or in IP. Grouping: a group of 5 devices can be managed as a unique system.



Legacy PBX integration

IP integration


Seamless LCR for optimum routing

Each call routes according to advanced routing rule to pass it out by the most cost effective network.


VoIP migration without changing PBX

For a single site enterprise, QuesCom 400 interconnects VoIP operators in order to make a SIP Trunk. For a multisite enterprise, QuesCom 400 interconnects all sites in IP. The enterprise can smoothly migrate to IP without changing its existing architecture. QuesCom 400 perfectly fits to heterogeneous PBX environments.


Failover between voice networks

Because it integrates the ISDN, GSM and VoIP networks, QuesCom 400 allows redundancy in case of failure on one of these networks failure. Routing rules can be configured in order to ensure service continuity. For example, if the ISDN operator access is defective, the equipment can automatically supply a failover link to GSM networks.


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