Dedicated to Service Providers as well as for Telecom Operators, QuesCom Qasaar technologies enables enhanced telecom solutions smooth deployments.

Private Cloud


Qasaar stands for QuesCom Application Server And Advanced Router.


Application Server

Appliance running applications
Each application covers a vertical solution (Least Cost Routing, Callback, Mobility, Presence, IVR, Conferencing)


Advanced Router

Call router including contextual rules based on route availability, SIM location, price plan and credit as well as on user profile and realtime information (location & presence).


A Class 4 Switch
Qasaar gets calls and route them because of application execution. User profile is an important aspect of Qasaar. It can receive calls directly (SIP & H323) and manage remote gateways (QGP & MGCP). Qasaar also manages devices (media gateways & routers).

Qasaar won’t implement the PBX features, Qasaar is to be connected to a PBX. A PBX software can run as an application on Qasaar.


An Intelligent Network application
Qasaar also supports SIP, QGP, MEGACO protocols

GSM call termination
Efficient call routing to GSM gateways. Calls are routed directly to the correct gateway from SSV information. Simplify switch configuration: Qasaar is the only outbound way for the switch. Avoids tries/retries to find correct gateway. Reduces PDD. Improves failover and load balancing among GSM gateways.

Mobility services
Mobility services are deployed centrally. The appliance can be hosted, “Mobility as a service”=SAAS. Manages PBX, QuesCom gateways & 3rd party gateways. It is build on reliable and scalable database.

Hosted device management (routing, backup…)
Allowing: Centralised provisioning and remote monitoring.

Anti Roaming
User profiles are maintained centrally. Roaming sites can have QuesCom gateway, 3rd gateways or… nothing. Qasaar is provisionning and remotely configuring the phones (mobile phones and fixed phones). Qasaar has global view of network architecture and roaming users.


Multisite Enterprise:
Simplify deployment environments. QuesCom gateways are managed by Qasaar (Master/Relay). Rules, routes between gateways and configuration are centralised on Qasaar. CDRs and management is centralised on Qasaar. QuesCom gateways can be low end “passive” products. 3rd party routers can be managed (MGCP/MEGACO).




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