Connected to the switchboard, QuesCom equipment reduces call costs to mobile phones. On all calls, the enterprise benefits from the best prices. With a single number, the company has an overall view of fixed and mobile flows through statistics allowing analysis of its activity.


Save on fixed to mobile calls

Costs of calls to mobile phones are higher than for calls to fixed phones. This often represents more than 50% of corporate communications. The QuesCom equipment is an appliance that integrates the enterprise’s SIM cards. The cost of each call placed from a fixed phone to a mobile phone is reduced. If the enterprise has a corporate fleet price plan, savings are even more significant. Calls from the office to the workforce’s mobile phones are free of charge. So are call transfers to corporate mobile phones. The enterprise optimizes its telecom budget.

Benefit from the best price for each call

Each call is placed through QuesCom equipment. It is analyzed and connected via the cheapest network. For more flexibility, the solution works and interconnects with the ISDN, GSM and VOIP networks. Thus it allows redundancy between networks in order to automatically grant continuity of service.

Get rid of roaming costs

Calls from the mobile phone abroad pass through the enterprise. The call is connected via the equipment*, which connects it by cheapest network, ISDN or VOIP. No international calls on mobile phones are invoiced. When a worker abroad uses his mobile phone, the calls are also originated from the company number. When the company runs sites in several countries, calls placed and received are invoiced at local call rates. Savings are made on international call costs.

* Available with a user licence.

Analyze your telecom flow for better control

Since each call is analyzed in order to route it to the cheapest network, a complete monitoring of the overall network activity is achieved. With One Number, calls to mobile phones pass through the enterprise. Fixed and mobile telephony are no longer considered as separated networks. The company’s activity is now analyzed as a whole.

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